Our Machinery & Equipment

We have all the necessary equipment needed to tackle any job, large or small!



Our main work vehicles. Both have carrying capacity of between 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 tons which we use for the removal of woodchippings, logs and garden waste etc

Land Rover 130 tipper. Great for off road jobs and can still carry 1.5 ton of woodchip or logs too. 

Land Rover 110 serious off roader. Great for hard to reach places or pulling a heavy load. Full off road kit with winch, raised suspension, massive wheels etc. 

John Deere tractor with 20 ton hydraulic log splitter

Our Ifor Williams 3.5 ton trailer with Hiab and log grab. Used for lifting large pieces of timber and builders bags. 



Tipper trailer. Has a large 2.5 ton carrying capacity! We use this for logs, woodchippings, garden waste, delivering gravel and soil etc etc.

The big green chipping machine. Our Greenmech 7.5"X11" is a serious bit of kit and will devour the most awkward limbs

The Big Bad Bearcat! 6.5" x13" capacity. A brute of a machine that will snap off the most awkward of branches. 

Our Timberwolf turntable 6.5" x 9.5" woodchipper 





 Our medium 6" capacity Woodchipper

Our medium sized Timberwolf 5" wide capacity woodchipper. We have been able to get this round some customers back gardens in order to leave them with the woodchippings to spread around their borders, as the machine is light enough to be pushed by 1 person.


The large stump grinder. There isn't a tree stump we can't remove with it. We have done tree stumps up to 10 feet wide with this machine!


 PREDATOR POWER!!! Our newest addition to the range is this medium sized stump grinder that will remove any sized tree stump but only requires 25" wide access!





Our cherry picker. Has a 60' high total work reach. Used for those hard to access trees. This machine is available to hire with a trained operator for tree work, painting, house repairs or any work at height. Please call for prices. 

Nifty 140 14.25m cherry picker / access platform. Ideal for long hedges. Available to hire with a trained operator. 

Venom 22 ton towable log splitter. Available to hire out with an operator to split your own logs.