FELLING: You may be the owner of a tree overhanging a greenhouse, roof or other fragile construction. These problems are often easier to solve than it would appear to the untrained eye. We can completely fell trees in the tightest of spaces either in one complete fell or in sections.Trees are felled either with or without the use of a guide rope, but we will always consider safety as the most important factor when felling is undertaken.


SECTION FELLING: This is very often the best way of limiting the damage that can be caused by the felling of a tree. The aim is to cut off branches and timber in small pieces allowing them to freefall to a specific area underneath the tree, therefore reducing any amount of impact damage. If needed, climbing equipment and lowering ropes are used. 

USING A ROPE AND HARNESS: By this method we access the tree with specialist climbing equipment. Ropes are used to both climb and lower branches in a specific manner in order to safely work on the tree whether it be a reduction, fell or thin etc. 

PRUNING: This is our main operation as a tree care company. Quality and safety are our main concern. We can give you ideas and advice on the best ways to create the effect you desire whilst maintaining the health of your trees. We prune anything from a small fruit tree to the largest of trees. We are able to take on jobs in the smallest of spaces, i.e. back gardens, whether it be target pruning or cutting back to specific growing points in order to preserve the life of your trees.


DEAD WOODING: This is the process of neatly cutting dead branches from a tree before they shed, therefore controlling the time and place they fall. This also allows the tree’s bark to grow over the knots decreasing the chance of future infection from these points. Aesthetically without the deadwood a tree will look lighter, cleaner and often be more natural looking. This work has an exemption if your tree is in a conservation area or has a T.P.O. 


BY CRANE OR CHERRY PICKER ( MEWP ): This method is used when access is restricted, the job is too awkward for climbing or safety is of key importance. Sometimes a crane or MEWP is used in order to carry out the work quickly and effectively. We can work safely with a team of up to 3 men at once in a platform leaving the ground workers to do the work below.  


 CONIFER TOPPING AND TRIMMING: All shapes, sizes and variations of conifers are taken on. We can top, lop, trim and fell to your specific requirements. 

HEDGE CUTTING AND TRIMMING: Not only do we reduce or trim any size of hedge but we can also trim to your specifications, be it arch, ball, cone or just a level hedge. We take on hedges of all shapes and sizes from the smallest to the largest.  

CROWN LIFTING: This is where the tree has the lower branches of the crown of the tree removed to the desired height for a specific reason, whether it be for the aesthetics of the tree or to allow free passing of vehicles such as on highways etc. 

CROWN REDUCTION & RESHAPING: The two main reasons for this are, to decrease the amount of shade the tree casts or to decrease the sail area (wind resistance) of the tree.The latter is normally done when there is a structural problem involving the trunk or root system. Partial reductions of the crown can solve problems such as storm damage, decay, interference (with another tree/building), or an unbalanced crown.