STUMP GRINDING/ REMOVAL: The removal of unwanted tree stumps to stop the spread of diseases such as honey fungus and also to allow for future planting or building of structures etc. We have 4 different sized machines to do this type of work. A large machine which requires 30" access for large or commercial contracts and the largest of stumps, 2 medium machines for 'back garden' jobs or restricted access which require 25" access and a very small machine which can even be carried through a house! Each machine removes tree stumps by the repeated gradual sweeping of a multi-toothed high speed rotating cutting wheel. The cutting wheel has teeth on its sides, in a strategic pattern. The rotating wheel takes a sweep from one side of the tree stump to the other, each tooth rapidly tearing and stripping away small pieces of stump on each pass. After each sweep the cutting wheel is advanced deeper into the stump. This procedure is repeated, under the precise control of the operator until the stump is satisfactorily removed.

Our largest machine capable of taking out any sized stump





One of our medium sized machines. This one will fit through a 25" gateway or door.