Woodchip/ Bark mulch Sales

We sell woodchippings suitable for borders, raised beds, play areas, allotments, parks, chicken pens etc. This is fast becoming a popular product for our customers with numerous sales to date so far. Woodchip is similar to bark or play bark with the exception that it is smaller and consists of the whole branch part of the tree that has been shredded or ' chipped ' with a large woodchipping machine. It usually contains an element of leaf in the end product but wherever possible we do try to sell it with as little leaf as possible. However, once put down on the ground the leaf usually disappears after a few weeks and the wood soon browns off to give the same effect as bark chippings. It is usually seasoned before resale and you can be rest assured you will receive a quality product. The difference with our woodchip to others is that it is well seasoned with very little leaf and is a nice brown colour. We can supply them either in ton sacks or dumpy/ bulk bags, or in smaller bags to suit most customers. Please contact us if you require any.  

1 ton builders bags are priced at £45 each delivered ( discounts on multiple orders, please ask ) 

Small carryable bags are priced at £2.50 each ( collection only ) or minimum 20 bags delivered free 


Please call on ( 07957 ) 196224 for all orders.

Builders bags of woodchippings delivered on our trailer with Hiab/ log grab